Melbourne School of Motoring provides a comprehensive range of tuition services, aimed at both new and existing drivers.

New Drivers

Before You Start

You will need a valid provisional driving licence – you can apply for this up to 3 months before your 17th birthday BUT it will not become valid until your 17th birthday.

Lesson Formats

Lessons are normally given in regular weekly blocks of 2 hours duration – however the frequency of lessons, and on occasion their length, may be varied to suit the needs of the individual.

As an alternative to regular weekly lessons, some pupils may prefer to undertake an intensive period of instruction – with tuition typically being provided in 2 blocks of 3 hours tuition each day over a number of consecutive days. This approach has the advantage of maintaining focus, but requires a high level of commitment from the pupil if they are to succeed.

Before embarking on a course of driving lessons, prospective pupils should have regard to their ability to fund their driving tuition through to successful completion of their DVSA test.

Whilst the number of lessons/hours tuition a pupil will require in order to pass their driving test will vary from individual to individual, typically it will take the average pupil around 40+ hours tuition, before they are ready to take their test – and further lessons may be required should their first (or subsequent) attempt(s) prove unsuccessful.

Pupils also need to allow for the cost of the test itself – currently £62 (weekdays) / £75 (evenings / weekends).

Experience has shown that long gaps between lessons are likely to result in pupils forgetting much of what they have been taught previously, leading to time having to be spent in subsequent lessons going over things again. This can lead to pupils feeling disheartened / frustrated with their perceived lack of progress.

At your first lesson, you will be required to undertake the standard DSA eyesight test, which is to read a new style vehicle number plate from a distance of 20 metres. If you normally wear glasses to assist with long distance vision, then please ensure that you have these with you for your lesson. The Instructor will also require sight of both parts of your provisional driving licence.

Theory Test

You will need a valid provisional driving licence in order to take your theory test, which is a two part test as follows:

  1. 50 question multiple-choice test; time allowed – 57 minutes; pass mark – 43
  2. hazard perception test, in which you will be required to watch 14 short video clips featuring everyday road scenes, each showing a developing hazard (or in one case, 2 developing hazards), which you will be required to respond to, as soon as you see it occuring. Each hazard carries a maximum score of 5 – score dependent on how quick you are to respond; pass mark 44 out of 75

You need to achieve a pass in both parts in order to pass the theory test and you need to have passed your theory test before you can apply for your practical driving test.

Practical Test

The practical driving test is designed to test your knowledge, understanding and practical application of the Highway Code and your ability to drive safely in different road and traffic conditions.

Prior to the start of the test, you will be required to undertake the standard DVSA eyesight test (see above) and to answer one ‘tell me’ question about vehicle safety checks.

The test lasts about 40 minutes, approximately half of which you will be required to drive independently (following road signs or directions from a satnav). You will also be required to undertake one of the following manoeuvres:

  • reversing into a parking bay
  • driving into and reversing out of a parking bay
  • reverse parallel parking
  • pulling up on the right hand side of the road, reversing about 2 car lengths & moving off again

and a candidate may also be required to perform an emergency stop (1 in 3 practical tests).

Your instructor can sit in on your practical test with you, if you would like them to. This can often be helpful in terms of understanding performance during the test, but is entirely at the pupil’s discretion.

For more information for learners and new drivers, go to:

Here you can book your theory and practical tests online, look at an online copy of the Highway Code and take an official practice theory test.

Existing Drivers

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is an established training course, designed by the DVSA for new drivers.

The course consists of six modules which provide experience of driving in different conditions (in town / in all weathers / on rural roads / at night / on dual carriageways / on motorways).

Pass Plus builds on the skills and knowledge you acquired when taking your DVSA test to teach you to anticipate, plan for and deal with all sorts of hazards, and so become a more confident driver. The course takes a minimum of 6 hours to complete and may enable you to obtain a discount on your car insurance costs. Some local authorities also provide financial assistance to individuals wishing to take a Pass Plus course (up to 50% of course fees).

Refresher Lessons

We can provide a range of refresher driving lessons, of varying length, tailored to suit the needs of the individual – for example:

  • re-familiarisation lessons – helping drivers who have passed their test but not driven for some time regain their confidence and rediscover their driving abilities
  • skills development lessons – helping existing drivers deal with driving in adverse conditions, e.g. snow and ice, or overcoming weaknesses in specific areas, e.g. reverse bay parking
  • driving more efficiently and effectively – helping existing drivers to become more considerate drivers, improving anticipation skills and awareness, increasing fuel economy
  • providing an overview of the requirements of the UK DVSA test for individuals holding overseas licences wishing to obtain a UK driving licence

Motorway Driving

Motorway driving is not examined as part of the standard DVSA test, but is an essential driving skill in its own right.

Melbourne School of Motoring offers a tailored 3 hour lesson specifically focused on motorway driving which is a worthwhile investment particularly for those who have recently passed their DVSA test (with Melbourne School of Motoring or another driving school) but have no motorway driving experience.

Older Driver Assessments

As we age, our sight, hearing and judgement of speed may not be quite as good as they were when we were younger. Driving has also become more complex and demanding over the years, with lots more traffic on the roads and a proliferation of road signs and signals.

Melbourne School of Motoring offers a one hour driver assessment, aimed at identifying areas where older drivers may need to refresh their knowledge / rebuild their confidence in order to cope more effectively with the demands of 21st century motoring.